An educational course for undergrads and grad students... Boomers in an Era of Change.

Details about the Course

Preparing Programs and Services for Boomers in the 21st Century

AD LDSP 547 

A New Course for Spring 2019

The Educational Dimension of Practice with Older Adults: Designing and Implementing Successful Programs, Products, and Services

Course Description

This course introduces the discipline of educational gerontology by merging insights and experiences provided by the traditional study and practice of gerontology and adult education.

Course Goals

The goals of this course are to enable each participant to:

1. Use the characteristics of older adult learners and of the diversity of the older adult population as the foundation for present and future educational program development.

2. Design and implement educational programs, products, and services for older adults.

3. Use various teaching/learning strategies to address diverse levels of educational attainment, learning styles, and learning objectives.

4. Identify and use methods for evaluating programs in order to ascertain their effectiveness. 

5. Use effective program management skills, such as marketing, budgeting, staffing, and facilities arrangement.

6. Develop a philosophy about the role of learning and education in older adulthood.

7. Identify diverse functions served by learning activities among older adults.

Textbooks for the Course

Findsen, B. & Formosa, M. (2011). Lifelong learning in later life: A handbook on older adult learning.  
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Wacker, Robbyn R., & Roberto, Karen A. (2019). Community resources for older adults: Programs and
    services in an era of change. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. (Fifth edition.)Ad LD

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An educational course offered at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for Spring 2019 (Jan- May), which looks at the Boomer generation of older adults and what programs and services can be provided for them.

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